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dolderstrasse2  CH-8032 zuerich
  phone+fax +41 1 261 5451
mobile   +41 79 476 4739
  sound-equipment rental and sale
location sound recording, consulting

longterm hiring:  multiply factor by price: e.g. 4x 10.- = 40.- quotation in CHF / swissfrancs   

1 day 1x
2 days 1.5x
3 days 2x
4 days 2.5x
5 days 3x
6 days 3.5x
7 days 3.5x
8 days 4x
9 days 4x
10 days 4.5x
11 days 4.5x
12 days 5x
1 week 3.5x
2 weeks 5x
3 weeks 6x
4 weeks 7x
5 weeks 8x
6 weeks 8.5x
7 weeks 9x
8 weeks 10x
9 weeks 11x
10 weeks 11,5x
11 weeks 12x
12 weeks 13x
1month 7x
2 month 10x
3 month 13x
4 month 15x
5 month 17x
6 month 19x
7 month 20x
8 month 21x
9 month 22x
10 month 23x
11 month 24x
12 month 25x


microphone rental: the microphone price includes windprotection and accessories  
wireless rental: the price includes various accessories  
recorder rental: the recorder price includes carrying case and a power supply  
set rental: price upon request, usually cheaper than single rental  
longtime-rental: dmt - dieter meyer tontechnik may ask for payment on account.  
shipping: the hirer is responsible to give shipping and insurance instructions to dmt - dieter meyer tontechnik  
insurance: for some articles, the price includes all-risk insurance, please ask for details.
the hirer is responsible for any damage or loss of the rented gear!
the hirer is fully responsible for the use of the rented gear.
liability: dmt - dieter meyer tontechnik has no responsability for the use of the gear  
value-added tax, VAT: the swiss VAT of 7.6 % is not included in the indicated rentalprice.  
bank payment in CHF, 30 days net, to: UBS AG, 8024 Zuerich, account nr. 225-R3566607.1 in CHF, clearing nr. 225  
bank payment in EURO, 30 days net, to: UBS AG, 8024 Zuerich, account nr. 225-ER104371.0 in EUR, clearing nr. 225  
cash payment: cash in CHF + 7.6 % VAT with receipt  
proprietary right: the gear belongs in any case and for ever to dmt - dieter meyer tontechnik, CH-8032 zuerich  
legal domicile: Zuerich, Switzerland