the owner and manager of dmt is Dieter Meyer from Zurich, Switzerland.
he had an electronic education and is self-taught in audio and acoustics. dmt is in the audio business since 1976.
the experience of dmt is ranging from high speed audio cassette duplicating to planning and operating big outdoor pa systems, from building mobile studio and pa vans to planning and building of local/private fm-stations, from wiring av-editing suites to expertise’s of public audio installations for community administrations and from simple one or two-track recordings of noise and spoken word to multitrack and multicamera music recordings of acoustic life concerts.
in locationsoundrecording, dmt is mainly active in documentaries and commercials. fiction is not the main interest, but road movies or any not normal made movie is of very special interest for dmt.
dmt is planning and wiring or rewiring, setting-up and maintaining any audio (audio follow video or film) installation.